Everything you need to know about the Zero Gravity flight on a IL-76 MKD for tourists!

Nowadays a Zero Gravity flight for tourists has become one of the most popular branches of space tourism! These flights are already organized in many countries in different kinds of planes! We organize and carry out Zero Gravity flights in Russia on a IL-76. This is a russian aircraift from the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, specially constructed for the training of astronauts before their take off to space. The russian plane IL-76 is the biggest, most unique and safest aircraft for the conduction of such Zero-G flights for tourists!

This outstanding Zero Gravity Adventure on a IL-76 in Russia has gained popularity among tuorists not only from Russian, but from all over the world, that visit us to take their Zero Gravity flight!

The Zero Gravity flight on a IL-76 for tourists is an absolutely safe adventure! The plane crew of the IL-26 and the instructors from the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center have a lot of experience on the conduction of such flights.

The cabin of the IL-76 MKD was specially equiped for the conduction of these flights with a soft upholstery and mats inside. On the corners of the cabin you will find handrails and safety belts, that provide the safety of our tourists during the Zero Gravity mode. Inside the plane there are absolutely no dangerous hooks or corners. The space inside the IL-76 MKD for the Zero Gravity flight for tourists is much wider in comparison to analogous Boing and Airbus planes in other countries.

Aboard during the flight are working specially trained instructors. Their main job — provide tourists with help during their Zero-G flight, to insurance and to track the end of the Zero Gravity mode to avoid traumatic events. You can check out our videos with more details to see how the Zero Gravity flights are carried out with our tourists and how they take the most extraordinary selfies!

Organization of the Zero Gravity flight on a IL-76 on the appointed day (1 day).

➢ Arrival to the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center on the appointed day of the flight.

➢ Tour over the Yuri Cosmonaut Training Center.

➢ Briefing and medical check-up of all participants before the flight.

➢ Parachute try out on the IL-76, briefing aboard the plane.

The Zero Gravity flight on a IL-76 MKD aircraft (1 - 1,5 hours)

➢ Handle of Certificates to the participants on the conduction of this unique adventure.

➢ The detailed program of the Zero Gravity flight itself you can find under this link: FLIGHT PRICE.

* For the flight reservation you will need: to write us with a copy of your passport attached.

* The term to handle in the documents for Russian citzens is of — 14 days before the Zero G flight.

* For foreigners and citzens of the CIS the term is of — 45 days before the flight date.

Who could be interested in a Zero Gravity flight on a IL-76?

Most of all the Zero Gravity on a IL-76 MKD is attractive for lovers of extreme sports, adrenaline and for lovers of an active lifestyle! Precisely for these these kind of participants we form group flights a couple of times a year, so that every willing gets a chance to take part on the Zero Gravity flight on a IL-76 MK program.

Specially coorperations and companies are interested in this VIP program. This can be done by acquiring this program as an indivual flight on the IL-76 MKD for the conduction of corporate recreation and team building, the celebration of an anniversary or other holiday event as well! Besides from that, the program “Zero Gravity Flight on a IL-76” can be acquired by business men for filming ads and creating interesting videos and photos about services or products! Also, different scientific organizations can test the operability of their products, equipment or devices under real zero gravity conditions!