Frequently asked questions about the IL-76 Zero Gravity flights

What is a Zero Gravity flight?

Zero Gravity flight � it’s a free flight on a plane and the complete lack of gravity.

In which plane are the Zero Gravity flights in Russia performed?

The flights are performed in a special plane, the IL-76 MDK, at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, this is the place for the training and preparation of real astronauts before their take off to space.

Where are the Zero Gravity flights organized in Russia?

The flights are organized 30 km from Moscow, in the so-called Star City at the Chkalovskiy airport.

What is the duration of the Zero Gravity Flight and the number of Zero Gravity modes performed during the flight?

The Zero-G flight lasts 1,5 hours. During this period of time the plane performs around 10-15 Zero Gravity modes. Every “Zero gravity mode� lasts 25-30 seconds.

Who is allowed to take part in this adventure and take a Zero Gravity flight?

Tourists over 18 years of age are allowed to take the flight.

Citzenships from Russia, полете могут принимать участие граждане России, Commonwealth of Independent States and countries from all over the world.

Are there any health restrictions?

Yes, there are indeed. They are, namely: hypertension with constant blood pressure over 180, history over cardiac operations, spine problems and sinusitis.

How safe is the Zero Gravity flight for the tourist?

The flight is absolutely safe. The IL-76 Zero plane is goes through a full revision before every flight. The cabin of the IL-76 MDK is specially furnished for the performance of the Zero Gravity flights for austronauts. The plane is conducted by profesional pilots with outstanding experience time. Special trained instructors and 2 medical personnel control closely the tourists� safety during every Zero Gravity flight.

Could I come to feel sick during the Zero Gravity flight?

ЭIt’s very unlikely, only a few people feel sick and agitated during the flight. то маловероятно, немногие люди испытывают беспокойство или тошноту во время полета. However if you do know that your vestibular apparatus is not stable, then you could feel dizzy and sick� Before every single flight you will be examined at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center and you will be offered to take motion sickness medication if there are any indications.

Is is it necessary to go through a medical check-up before the Zero Gravity flight?

ВYou should consult your doctor and do a full check-up 2 weeks before the given date of the flight and you should be handed a declaration from your doctor about your overall health state.

You should have the declaration with you on the flight day.

Is it necessary to get an insurance for the Zero Gravity flight?

The insurance is already included in the price of the Zero Gravity Flight.

When is the Zero Gravity flight performed?

ПThe flights can only be performed on weekdays. Group flights are performed only during spring, summer and autumm. What concerns individual flights, those can be performed all year long.

What are the conditions to make a reservation and payment for the Zero Gravity flight?

If you decided to take part on a flight, you should 14 days (for citzens of the Russian Federation) beforehand send us a copy of your passport so we can require all the documents and permissions for the flight.

For foreigners and citzens of the Commonwealth of Independent States the process of requiring the clearance for the Zero Gravity flight should begin 45 days before teh flight. The payment should be done in accordance with the formalized contract.

Is it possible to take pictures and record videos during the Zero Gravity flight?

The Chkalovsky airport is a restricted area, therefore any recording objects are prohibited. You may only use your mobile phone for non-commercial purposes. We recommend you to acquire an additional service of photos and video, done by a go to my siteenter professional from the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center.