About Tour Operator "Country of Space Tourism"

      Our Company has been an avia & space tour operator in Russia for many years.

      We are regularly organizing space training for tourists. All our trainings are conducted on the basis of the Yuri Gagarin’ Cosmonaut Training Center (Star City). Here we also conducted trainings for going to space for cosmonauts. In the Yuri Gagarin’ Cosmonaut Training Center our tourists have the opportunity to pass as a comprehensive training in space, as well as individual elements of space training. The most popular among tourists are Zero Gravity Flights on an airplane-laboratory IL-76 MDK, training on the simulator of the Soyuz spacecraft, cosmonaut survival programs, immersion in the Hydrolaboratory, spinning on a centrifuge.

      Besides Zero Gravity Flights on the IL-76 and various adventure programs in the Cosmonaut Training Center, we regularly gather groups of tourists from all over the world to travel to the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at the launch of the Soyuz spacecraft. Here our tourists have the opportunity not only to look at the manned launch of the rocket, but also to visit the launch pads, to see cosmonauts and to visit the Cosmodrome Baikonur History Museum - the largest museum of space subjects.

      As a separate element of space training we can identified on the MiG-29. Such flights are carried out by us in the Nizhny Novgorod. During the flight in the MiG-29, our tourists can climb to an altitude up to 18 kilometers (flight into the Stratosphere) - enjoy the fabulous look of the Earth and see black space. During the flight, the MiG-29 test pilot will demonstrate the most famous aerobatic maneuvers. Overloads during the performance of aerobatics will be set gradually at your wishes and condition.

      The team of trained specialists in space tourism, who were also participants of our unique space adventures, is always glad to welcome you in Russia and to make your life more exciting with new sensations and adventures! 

      We are always glad to see you and appreciate that many of our tourists have come to us more than once!