For Tourist Agencies – cooperation in the Avia & Space tourism branch!

The company Country of Space Tourism is a the Avia & Space Tour Operator in Russia. Avia & Space tourism is the newest and most perspective branch of tourism nowadays! For many years we have been offering our clients several space experience related adventures. One of the most unique Space Adventures is a the Zero Gravity flight aboard a IL-76 MDK, which takes place at the Cosmonaut Training Centre of Y.A. Gagarin.

After years of hard work, we now conduct a successful and productive cooperation with several foreign and Russian companies to sell and promote Avia & Space Adventures.

At the same time, we are ready to set-up partnerships with new foreign or Russian companies! We offer other companies to sell our VIP tours to Russia for a commission including: Zero-G experience aboard a IL-76 MDK aircraft, unique MiG-29 flights to the Stratosphere, Cosmonaut Training programs in Space Simulators, Tours to Baikonur spaceport and many other tours.

We are ready to provide our partners:

-Full information about sale of all the Avia & Space VIP Adventures:

-A commission of 10-15% for every sold tour, depending on the amount of sales;

-Photo and video material of the Avia & Space VIP tours and adventures for your website;

-Long term cooperation agreement.

Our managers are always available and ready to answer your questions at:

Phone: +7 (495) 500-77-82  +7 (925) 532-77-17 (mob. English)


Our specialists can talk several languages such as (English, Spanish and many others)

We are always happy to cooperate with new companies!