Zero gravity flight during the lockdown in Moscow 28.10.2021

Zero gravity flight during the lockdown in Moscow

On the 28th of October, 2021, the planned zero gravity flight took place at the Chkalovsky airfield, located on the territory of the Star city (Russian center of cosmonauts’ training). This time, there were fifteen participants of the event (Russian and foreign citizens), who had booked places on this flight in advance. As well as, they submitted negative PCR tests for COVID-19, successfully passed medical examination and pre-flight training. Owing to the compliance with applicable regulations and simple safety measures, our space heroes managed to take part in the unforgettable adventure in zero-gravity conditions. The great thing was that they were not braking strict lockdown measures at all.

How to get on board the IL-76 MDK?

The space tourists’ groups are always formed in advance. Documents for the participation of foreign tourists must be submitted at least 45 business days in advance before the date of the planned flight (the minimum required period consists of two calendar months). This is necessary for the preparation of admissions to the airport Chkalovsky, which is supervised by the Russian army. Following the enrollment into the group and the adjustment on all organizational issues, our tourist had only to wait for the planned flight date.

How was the day of the zero-gravity event organized?

On the day of the flight, at 7.45 a.m., our space tourists entered the territory of the Star city, where they met the manager of the event and went to a pre-flight training. The day kicked off with the medical examination, consultation with a doctor and a preliminary briefing. Following which the tourists embarked to the Chkalovsky airfield, where the legendary laboratory plane IL-76 MKD was waiting for them. On board of “ILYUSHA” (IL-76) our heroes passed safety and pre-flight training. They tried on parachutes, received instructions of safety measures in case of emergency and were instructed on how to behave during short-term weightlessness.
At 11.00 a.m., IL-76 MDK took off from the airfield and once again went to conquer its native element. Experienced pilots did their job perfectly, instructors helped tourists to cope with overloads easier, in order to get maximum positive emotions. Besides, Instructors assisted space tourists to move in anti-gravity conditions: fly from one side to another, move from the floor to the ceiling, freely rotate in 3 angles and perform other tricks. That type of flight can never be forgotten! According to the established tradition each flight participant received commemorative certificate. As well as unforgettable moments of this momentous day were captured in numerous photos, made by professional photographer during the flight.

But of course, the brightest shots remained in the memory of our space heroes!

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