On the 16th of March, 2020, our team organised a corporate flight in Zero-Gravity conditions for a group of friends and relatives 16.03.2020

On the 16th of March, 2020, our team organised a corporate flight in Zero-Gravity conditions for a group of friends and relatives

On a beautiful sunny day on March 16, 2020, we had a small corporate flight for a group of friends of 12 people.

The participants planned the flight in advance and chose the flight date convenient for them, which was agreed with us. This is just one of the delights of a corporate flight - you choose the date of the event yourself.

This time there was a difficult situation around the world due to the coronavirus pandemic. By the order of the director of the training center, the territory of the Star city complex was urgently closed in line with lockdown measures. We were lucky enough that all participants of the flight were our compatriots (citizens of the Russian Federation) and none of them traveled outside Russia 30 days before the flight. Because of the safety and quarantine requirements pre-flight flight preparations and medicine inspection took place outside the area of the training centre.

According to our sequence, the event was planned on the same day - preparations and the flight itself. Early in the morning, all participants arrived in the Star City for the pre-flight trainings, including medicine examination and obtainment of flight clearance.

Our instructors theoretically introduced the participants to the flight, which was to include space flight factors, g-force and weightlessness. Following which our tourists departed for the airport where the prepared IL-76 MDK aircraft was waiting for them for the Zero-gravity flight.

Zero-G flight lasted one hour and thirty minutes. During the flight the participants got an opportunity to experience the factors of the space flight, overload and a feeling of weightlessness on board the IL-76 MDK aircraft, flying 6000-9000 meters above the ground level. Participants performed with instructors assistance the following exercises: "from ramp to ramp", "from floor to ceiling", "free floating". Our participants got to experience 10 modes of Zero-gravity, each of them lasting approximately 28 secoonds.

After the aircraft's landing all participants received their commemorative certificates and a new status of soul for themselves after completing a flight in short-term weightlessness environment .

In memory of this event а lot of impressive photo and video sets were made during the flight, which were organized by team in advance.

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