Flights in zero gravity at the Zhukovsky airfield during the Airshow MAKS 2019! 05.09.2019

Flights in zero gravity at the Zhukovsky airfield during the Airshow MAKS 2019!

August turned out to be eventful. We organized and carried out two planned Zero Gravity flights for our tourists!

This year, Zero Gravity flights were held exclusively as part of the airshow MAKS-2019.

Throughout history, zero gravity flight for tourists was offered for the first time on the MAKS!

Our first flight was planned on August 27, the day of the opening of the Air Show. The departure of the laboratory airplane IL-76 MDK (Cosmonaut Training Center named after Yu.A. Gagarin) was in evening, scheduled immediately after visiting of the first persons of the countries — these are the president of Russia and Turkey!

Our planned Zero Gravity flight with tourists on board, was included in the flight show demonstration program.

Among the participants of the first zero gravity flight on board were our friends - blogger Yan Lopatkov, along with his subscribers.

On the eve of Zero Gravity flight, there was a good idea to shoot video content for the channel of Yan Lopatkov on YouTube called "Topless"!

To make the channel’s release more interesting and informative, we decided to conduct several experiments under short-term zero-gravity conditions with Yan.

The duration of Zero Gravity flight was planned 1 hour 30 minutes. During this time, the IL-76 aircraft performed 10 zero gravity modes, 2 of which were reproducing lunar attraction. And also 7 experiments were planned by Jan: “Metronome”, “Centrifugal Force”, “Dzhanibekov Effect”, “Fire Ball”, “Space Nutrition”, “Hydroball”, “Space Grandmas”.

Release on the Topless channel with experiments in zero gravity 

We decided to pay special attention of the shooting of video content in zero gravity. Before the flight, a specialized team installed GoPro cameras inside of IL-76 MDK, lights, additional cameras, microphones, etc. A professional video operator took part in a flight with a camera in his hands and shot video material during the entire flight and, of course, at the very epicenter of zero gravity modes, among all participants in the flight!

You can watch the video clip about flying in zero gravity on our YouTube channel.

The second flight we planned on August 31 - it was Saturday, the most visited day of the MAKS air show. According to the final data, the Air Show was visited by 578 810 people. This Saturday Zero Gravity flight was attended by foreign tourists from countries: Switzerland, the Netherlands, Latvia, Belgium, Poland, Venezuela, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Estonia.

Since the flight we spent in the morning, the rest of the time, all participants in the flight had a good opportunity to walk around the air show, buy souvenirs and see a chic flight program with a demonstration of the latest fighter aircraft!

Our second flight was also included in the demonstration flight program of the air show on August 31! Thousands of people watched as the IL-76 MDK of Zero Gravity flight takes off with tourists and leaves for the parabolic slides.

Dear friends and visitors of our site, we invite you to experience Zero Gravity Flight during the next air show MAKS-2021! For the duration of the cabin, all regime restrictions are removed - this is a huge advantage in holding this event, which means that you can sign up for a flight in zero gravity and immediately take part in it! This is an exclusive and unique opportunity that we will practice for you during each subsequent airshow MAKS!

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