Successful Flights in Zero-gravity organised on the 25th and 26th for the mixed groups! 27.04.2019

Successful Flights in Zero-gravity organised on the 25th and 26th for the mixed groups!

April of the 2019 was full of cosmic adventures. Every year we plan and execute in real-life unique flights in the Zero-gravity conditions. This time we arranged a space-like adventure for the real admirers of space on the 25th and 26th of April.

Tourists from Russian and different countries pf Europe took part in these flights. Some of our tourists received this flight as a birthday present. While others purchased it for themselves.

28 lucky participants were divided into two groups (we were arranging two flights) each consisting of 14 persons.

According to the safety measures the preliminary instructions were presented to the two groups. Introductory tour around the facilities of the Cosmonauts' training centre was held for our clients. Medical commission of the training centre was carefully inspecting all of our participants, providing them with clearances for the flight. Take-offs for the Zero-gravity flights are made from the Chkalovsky airport, which also happens to be a military base. Due to that reason we were applying for entry clearances for each of our tourist beforehand.

Airplane-labaratory IL-76 MDK is a specialised vehicle for Zero-G flights. By the time our tourists arrived it was fully ready for execution of two flights, each consisting of 10 regimes of Zero-gravity, which gave to our participants overall of 5 minutes of authentique weightlessness. For each of our clients flight in Zero-gravity became a special experience of their life-time. Like super heroes they were standing with their feet attached to the cellar of the hall of an airplane. Our guys were floating from one end of salon to the other as if they were birds and, of course, they could execute a number acrobatic elements while freely flying in the air.
We invite you for another set of flights in the Zero-Gravity conditions which are to take place on the airfields of MAKS 2019 aero space salon on the 30th and 31st of August.

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