Winter flight in zero gravity conditions for the group tour on the 13th and 14th of December, 2018. 17.12.2018

Winter flight in zero gravity conditions for the group tour on the 13th and 14th of December, 2018.

December turned out to be full of cosmic adventures and just before Christmas we successfully organised a scheduled flight in Zero-G on the base of the Cosmonaut training centre. 

This time our group consisted of different kinds of people united with passion for space . Many of the participants turned out to be famous bloggers or businessmen.

According to a rule we organise this particular event in two days time. The first day is busy with making preparations before the flight, while the second - is dedicated to the flight itself consisting of a standard number of 10 regimes of zero gravity experience.

On the first day we started off with the special medical check supervised by the doctors of the Cosmonaut training centre. All the participants like real-life cosmonauts had blood pressure 120 over 80 and got their admission to the flight. Afterwards the group was seated in the parachute class for theoretical lecture.

We were discussing each regime. Members of the group could tell to the instructors what they wanted to perform in zero gravity conditions. Worthy to mention that many ideas were being born during the discussion itself.

On the next day each participant was able to experience authentic Zero gravity. Everybody made their dream come true. This fascinating day will stay in their memories forever.

This particular flight was full of creative ideas. Triple somersault by Oscar Hartmann! First kettlebelle in weightlessness - Aleksey Stolyarov! Champagne and mandarin in Zero G -Dmitry, Vladimir and Eugenia! Advertisement of own business - Cukov Sergey! Space vodka-gel - from the producer and our dear friend - Andrew Vedernik

We would like also to point out Katya Lipka, who participated in zero gravity flight for the second time!

You can learn more about different creative ideas in zero gravity on photos and videos posted on the following website:

All the photos and videos taken during the flight are given out to every member of the group.