On 27th of April the Zero Gravity flight was held for a mixed group of tourists

April is probably the most "space" month of the year: it is April 12th, and the whole country celebrates the national holiday – the Aviation and Cosmonautics day! Well, our company according to a tradition, every year organizes and conducts the April Zero Gravity flight for tourists. This year the flight took place on 27th of April, 2018.

To take part in the flight, tourists came from many countries – there were tourists from Kazakhstan, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Canada and of course Russia.

All participants attended briefing in the Gagarin Cosmonautics Training Center (GCTC). Flight safety was provided by experienced instructors of the GCTC, who have many years of experience in the field of cosmonauts training for space expeditions to the ISS. So as our tourists became a real cosmonaut crew, with real training to a real Zero Gravity flight!)

During the flight, tourists went through a true storm of breathtaking impressions and vivid emotions. Jumping from the floor to the ceiling, flips, flying through the cabin of the Il-76 MDK laboratory plane. So members of the flight enjoyed the weightlessness condition.

And although we have been organizing flights in zero Gravity for a long time, every time together with tourists we rejoice in the incredible euphoria that covers them when they feel that the gravity force is in no effect anymore and the zero gravity mode is on!

If you want to become a real astronaut – join our next flight in Zero Gravity on 30-31st of August 2018

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