On 22nd of November we performed a Zero Gravity flight for the mixed tourist group

This autumn became a true gift for those who are interested in the space and dream to become a cosmonaut. And it was ended with an awesome event – our traditional Zero Gravity flight, which was conducted in the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre.

Tourists from Russia, France and China took part in the flight. They, despite the cold Moscow weather and snow, came to Moscow to participate in the Zero Gravity flight. And although our tourists were true fans of Russian cosmonautics and aviation, they were hungering for unreal emotions and impressions.  And they had plenty of them! And you bet – one cannot feel weightlessness, while not leaving our planet Earth and going to space, on everyday basis!

The Zero Gravity flight turned out to be a truly unusual and extreme adventure for our tourists, which they will never forget. One and a half hour, during which ten modes of Zero G were created, passed by momentarily! And although all flight participants couldn’t be happier, they still were slightly sad that the flight was over so quickly.

If you have long dreamt about Zero Gravity, but still hadn’t enjoyed a Zero Gravity flight – then you have all opportunities to realize it next year. You can already book places in a mixed group for our next flight, which will take place on 26-27th of April 2018. Do not bury your child’s dream – because now you can realize it!