The Zero Gravity flight on 25th of April is accomplished!

      April 2017 was filled with events closely connected with the space. The most significant of them are Cosmonautics and Aviation Day and launch of the Souyz spacecraft from the Baikonur spaceport. We, as a space tourism operator, joined the month of cosmonautics and arranged a Zero Gravity flight for a mixed group aboard an IL-76 MDK plane, which was held on 25th of April.

      During the flight tourists experienced 10 weightlessness modes 25-28 seconds each and nearly 4 minutes and 30 seconds in total. For an untrained person it is not that simple, but our tourists made it well and fine and spent a great time during the zero gravity flight. Experienced instructor staff of Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (GCTC) told tourists how to behave themselves during the flight, float in the air and perform somersault. Each tourist flied all the way through the IL-76 plane, walked on a ceiling, did a lot of somersaults in a conditions, which are impossible to do on Earth!

      The whole flight took 1 hour and 20 minutes. After the flight all participants were handled Certificates from GCTC staff. Every tourist left the airfield with amazing emotions and joy! Almost everyone who participated in the flight said they will definitely repeat this “astronaut-like experience” once more with their friends.

      You too can become a real cosmonaut and with other tourists enjoy a flight in a Zero Gravity, which is scheduled on 24-25th of August. Don’t miss such a unique opportunity!

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