The Zero G flight for mixed group was successfully done on 25th of August 2016!

On the 25th of August we arranged and made a Zero Gravity flight for a mixed group! The flight was taken on the Gagarin Research&Test Cosmonaut Training Center (Star City).

Our tourists took part in an amusing adventure. They took part in one of the cosmonaut training programs which is a Zero Gravity flight on a IL-76 MDK plane-laboratory plane. This time our mixed group consisted of 13 people, arrived in Russia from abroad especially to take part in such a unique Adventure. All the tourists were male!
It is worth noting that some tourists previously enjoyed MiG-29 flights with us!

One of them also tried out cosmonaut training program in GCTCdrill in a "Sokol" space suit, "Soyuz-TMA" space ship simulator and TsF-18 centrifuge training.

In the morning all tourists underwent medical check and briefing. The duration of Zero G flight was 1 hour and 20 minutes, and during the fight the plane committed 10 weightless modes 25-28 seconds each.

After the landing all tourists were handed certificates about successful accomplishing of one of the cosmonaut training programs - Zero Gravity flight.

The next Zero G flight for a mixed group is scheduled on 25-26 of April 2017! You too can join our mixed group!

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