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Where do the unique Zero Gravity flights
aboard an IL-76 take place?

  The unique adventure “Zero Gravity flight aboard a IL-76 MDK” is conducted by our agency in Russia not far from Moscow on a special Airplane-labaratory IL-76 MDK (belonging to Roscosmos).  

We are organizing exclusive flights in Zero-gravity.

The closest Zero G Flight:  3 - 4 March, 2022

We are receiving documents till the: 10 January, 2022

The closest Zero G Flight:  28 - 29 July, 2022

We are receiving documents till the: 30 May, 2022

 Price of a Zero Gravity flight for one person — 5000 euros

To book a Zero Gravity flight, please contact us via email: adventure@tour-space.com

What is the idea behind the Zero Gravity flight for tourists?

We often ask ourselves what is Zero Gravity (weightlessness) and why can we only experience it in space and how would we be able to try it out on the Earth? There are several definitions, most of which are connected to Physics, that explain the Zero Gravity. But to get straight to the point — Zero Gravity is a condition, under which the force of gravity equals zero. Nowadays, real weightless-ness is experienced only by astronauts in outer space. They both live and work under Zero Gravity conditions. Before actually going to space, every single astronaut goes through a special training that imitates the Zero Gravity on the Earth. Precisely these trainings are the so-called «Zero Gravity Flight aboard a IL-76 MDK». These Zero Gravity trainings for the future astronauts and tourists can be only performed in high-technology training centers such as the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (Moscow).


How is the Zero Gravity mode reached aboard the IL-76 MDK?

The IL-76 MDK plane ascends to a height of 6000 meters, and then at an angle of 45 degrees with maximum speed rises to 9000 meters. Precisely at this moment aboard the plane the tourists feel a g-force of 2G. When the plane is tracing the parable through its apex for its next descend a Zero Gravity mode is created for about 25 to 30 seconds. Further the plane descends to a height of 6000 meters and maintains that horizontal position for some time. Hereinafter the whole process is repeated — the plane reaches the 9000 meters, the Zero Gravity mode is reached and finally it descends! Tourists who are on board periodically feel a g-force of 2G.

During the flight aboard the IL-76 MDK from 10 to 15 Zero Gravity modes. Also, during all the flight on board a IL-76 MDK there will be a group of specialists and instructors from the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center present that not only control the performance of the event itself, but also provide the tourists’ safety during the Zero-G flight.

The number of participants in one flight should not be more than 14 people! This allows us to make the Zero-G flight not only more comfortable for the tourists, but safe and fun as well!

Costs of a Zero Gravity flight aboard a IL-76 MDK

The ZeroG flight aboard a IL-76 MKD for tourists has become one of the most popular branches of space tourism! This is one of the most extraordinary and cool adventures in the whole world! By feeling weightless, you will feel like a free bird flying inside the plane…or astronaut flying in space!

Now you can realize your dream, by taking part in this unique space adventure “Zero Gravity flight aboard a IL-76” in Russia, that is carried out along with the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center at the Chkalovsky airport not far from Moscow! We guarantee you emotions and experiences for your whole life!

Zero Gravity flights cost 5 000 euros (cost for one person attending a group flight).

Zero gravity flight incluiding the 3 day tour to Moscow

The booking of the program “Zero Gravity flight aboard a IL-76” should be done not less than 45 days before the appointed date of the ZeroG flight.

A Zero Gravity flight attracts those who love the unusual, cool and extreme!

Judging by the work we have done so far we can say that the adventure “Zero Gravity flight on board a IL-76” is an unique team building activity for any company that wants to carry out a corporate party or to celebrate the company’s anniversary! Usually, for those kind of activities the whole plane is booked.